Not every dispute ends up in court, and an even fewer number of lawsuits go to trial. Through contract provisions, negotiation and settlement, or extrajudicial proceedings, parties regularly attempt to resolve their disagreements out of court using alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

There are several binding and non-binding ADR procedures available including arbitration, mediation, facilitation, and case evaluation. Depending on the matter and circumstances, ADR can be a compelling alternative to traditional courtroom litigation, providing the parties a streamlined process, early and speedy resolution, reduced costs, privacy, and confidentiality.

We Have Both Litigation and ADR Experience

Effective ADR advocacy requires a special set of skills, and individuals and businesses contemplating or participating in litigation need lawyers who also have demonstrated ADR talents and experience. A successful ADR strategy is different from a successful litigation plan, so having an attorney who knows and appreciates the distinction is critical to achieving your desired outcome.

The DeLuca Law Firm has secured favorable results for clients in arbitration, mediation, and other ADR forums in a wide range of cases, such as:

  • Automotive manufacturer, suppliers, and dealer disputes
  • Commercial and contract disputes
  • Insurance coverage disputes
  • Probate, trust, and estate disputes
  • Real estate and construction disputes
  • Shareholder, member, and partner disputes

Our in-depth knowledge of ADR practices comes from serving on all sides of the alternative dispute resolution proceedings. In addition to representing plaintiffs and defendants, Frank DeLuca has repeatedly served as an appointed arbitrator, mediator, and facilitator across a variety of commercial disputes. It’s a broader perspective that sets him apart.

Choosing a Capable and Competent Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

We are committed to obtaining the best possible outcome in every case we handle, but we understand that not every dispute should be a win-at-all-costs battle. Pursuing and defending litigation consumes valuable time, money, and resources, and poses a threat to individual and business reputations. In the end, how you choose to handle a legal dispute says a lot about you. Contact us today to learn how we can help you both in and out of the courtroom.

Representative Cases


We obtained a $3.5 million-dollar summary judgment in favor of a national bank in a complex breach of contract claim.


We secured both summary judgments and defense verdicts on behalf of a major automobile manufacturer in an automobile breach of warranty and product defect lawsuit.


We successfully invalidated an amended trust agreement and obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of trust beneficiaries who were cut out of the settlor’s original trust.


We obtained summary judgment to dismiss employment discrimination claims against our client, a luxury automobile dealership.


We obtained summary judgment to defeat a products liability claim involving a commercial vehicle fire.


We successfully defended the financial subsidiary of a major automobile manufacturer in a complex $20 million breach of contract claim brought by a minority supplier.


We successfully defended a major commercial truck and engine manufacturer in numerous breach of warranty/product defect claims.

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